The production of rice in Spain during 2019 exceeded 788,000 tons. This industry generates two important by-products: the rice straw and husks .

The main drawback of rice straw is that, when in contact with water, the presence of abundant organic matter causes a decrease in oxygen, rotting and the possible death of birds and fishes. Traditionally, farmers burned the rice straw emitting greenhouse gases.

On the other hand, rice husks from the milling of the grain must be eliminated since it accumulates in the environment due to its low degradability. Generally, producers get rid of them through a controlled combustion process that generates rice husk ash as by-product. The resulting ash has a high percentage of silica that makes it suitable for its use in industries such as the cement industry.

This programme aims at finding innovative solutions that approach the treatment of rice by-products as a resource and not as a residue , thus promoting the principle of circular economy and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

BEFORE: The call is launched, entrepreneurs and participants are recruited. Communication in our own media and media partners, press releases, social media and launching video.

DURING: Continuous communication in the social media of Finnova and Startup Europe Awards, communication support to generate a communication network between all participants. Press releases and social media.

AFTER: Communication about the winning team and promotion of the project through press releases and the Accelerathon video.


Programme preparation and material delivery. Landing page of the event and recruitment form.Dissemination of the call in databases of Spanish and European entrepreneurs and innovators as well as the media.   Dissemination of the challenge on social media along with the related United Nations’ SDGs.Participation of European experts in the jury


Interactive e-learning platform EU TRAINING PLATFORM (European projects methodology) .Technical assistance during webinars.Active participation on groups’ mentoring with EU food and agri-food experts


European acceleration ticket (in public-private collaboration) which includes the co-writing of the winning project for its submission to a European programme call.

Formed by a group of international experts who will assess that the challenges set are adapted to the requirements and conditions, as well as the development of the challenge itself.

Who is the organiser?

Submission of the winning project to a European Commission Call

European Union mentoring to the winning team in networking, legislation and communication.