The Valencian Institute of Business Competititveness (IVACE)  invited civil society, entrepreneurs, technological institutes, companies and universities to participate in the launching webinar of the Accelerathon Water-IVACE, an open-innovation programme organised by Startup Europe Accelerathon of Finnova Foundation, in cooperation with The Enterprise Europe Network-SEIMED, Aidimme and Redit with the institutional support of the European Commission’s DG-CONNECT within the framework of the WATER STARTUP EUROPE AWARDS.

The objective was to face challenge 6 of the United Nations SDGs to innovate in the treatment of wastewater from industrial processes to recover raw materials, reuse water and minimize environmental impact.

The challenge issued was intended to identify innovative solutions on the one hand and companies, municipalities or entities that define their environmental challenges in the field of water to form different multidisciplinary teams in the field of wastewater that provide solutions to the Water Accelerathon challenge to devise realistic projects in advanced treatments and recovery of water, energy and raw materials.

Bioferrik, winning team of Accelerathon Startup Europe Awards

It will be eligible for a total of up to 2 million euros per project financed by the LIFE programme.

“Our project aims to demonstrate the viability of the use of magnetic particles to eliminate and recover the heavy metals present in wastewater , both urban and industrial, avoiding its discharge into the environment and contributing, through its subsequent recovery, to the Circular Economy model promoted by the European Union (COM (2018) 28 final). The proposed technology has already been validated on a laboratory scale, reaching efficiencies for removing heavy metals higher than 99%, having used real wastewater for the tests.»