CHALLENGE: Finding innovative solutions to help cultural and creative industries become stronger and more resilient

CHALLENGE: Connecting cultural and creative organisations, businesses, research centres and higher education institutions in a pan-European innovation ecosystem

The creative and cultural industries face an enormous challenge after more than a one-year standstill due to Covid-19. The pandemic has especially stricken those organisations offering live and on-site performances or events involving travelling to different regions or countries.  Nevertheless, the post-Covid era offers enormous opportunities for this industry too.

The cultural and creative industries are 
an important source for added-value job creation. In fact, they ensure a noteworthy rate of youth employment in the long term as these  jobs are hard to be relocated or be automated. That is why this Accelerathon is being launched – an open innovation programme designed to boost cooperation and innovation to meet these challenges.


The call is launched and entrepreneurs and participants are invited to take part in the accelerathon. The accelerathon is advertised through Finnova’s own channels and media partners, press releases, social media and videos.


The accelerathon is continuously being advertised in Finnova’s social media, in Startup Europe Awards, press releases and social media. Communication among participants is also fostered.


The awarded team is presented and the project is advertised in press releases and a video.

Before the Accelerathon

•Organising the event and submitting materials. Landing page of the event and recruitment form.

• Advertising the call in social media as well as in databases listing Spanish, European and Latin American entrepreneurs and innovators.

• Advertising the challenge in social media and the SDGs the challenge focuses on.

• Participation of EU experts in the jury.

During the Accelerathon

EU TRAINING PLATFORM: an online and interactive e-learning and webinar platform. EU Training Platform has several courses on EU funds, EU projects, etc.

During the Accelerathon, teams will be technically assisted. They will also attend webinars on different topics.

• Competitors and teams will be assisted by experts on EU affairs.

• Tools and technological support for start-ups and evaluation by the jury.

From 2022 onwards

The awarded team receives an EU acceleration ticket to meet the challenges described during the presentation in a public-private partnership.

The jury is made up of representatives from public administrations, universities, local media outlets and technological experts.

Finnova will provide assistance, but will cast no votes.

The winning project will be submitted to an European Union programme

European acceleration ticket: the awarded team will be assisted on networking, legislation and communication

Training course in EU programmes: EU Training Platform

Participation in Startup Europe Awards


Attend our webinar to find out more about Creative and Cultural Industries Startup Europe Accelerathon. 15 July at 4.30pm