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CHALLENGE: innovation and cooperation against climate change
CHALLENGE: fight against Covid-19 – Euro Digital Green Pass

Climate change and Covid-19 are two major challenges for the Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia Euroregion (Euroregion AAA). Fires are a clear example of an environmental and social problem, with Spain and Portugal being two of the countries most affected by this phenomenon in Europe. There are also other problems such as the loss or degradation of biodiversity, in addition to all the damage caused by the pandemic. For all these reasons, this Accelerathon has been promoted, an open innovation programme to promote cooperation and innovation as a solution to the challenges posed.


Launching webinar:
Accelerathon Spain-Portugal 2021

Open Innovation Programme against Covid-19 and climate change in the Euroregion Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

On Tuesday, March 9th, 2021, the call for startup Europe Accelerathon Spain-Portugal 2021 was officially launched for the search for innovative solutions for the challenge of combating Covid-19 and climate change in the Alentejo-Algarve-AndalucĂ­a Euroregion (EUorregion AAA).  The Accelerathon methodology follows the directions of the United  Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDS) contributing from each challenge to the proposed SDP objectives – this time   SDP 13: taking urgent action to combat climate change and its effects. It is a programme within the framework of the European   Commission’s DG CONNECT Startup  Europe Awards methodology that was born from DG  Research, Development and Innovation in 2020 with the pan-European   Hackthevirus campaign.

The webinar addressed the challenges of innovation and cooperation against climate change and discussed the already famous European health passport, the Euro Digital Green Pass    (blockchain and Covid Free), challenges faced by both Spain and Portugal within the context of pandemics. The event co-financed by the Ministry of the Presidency, Public and Interior Administration of the Junta de AndalucĂ­a, served as a forum to encourage cooperation and encourage new talents to encourage and bet on their  ideas on combating climate change and covid-19.

The day, attended by four representatives of European, Portuguese and Andalusian institutions, ten experts and five entrepreneurs  , was the kick-off of this Accelerathon, an open innovation programme implemented by the Finnova Foundation, a foundation that facilitates access to the different European financing  tools from a technological, disruptive, innovative and sustainable approach. On this occasion, innovative  proposals have been sought to alleviate climate change and to adjust to the current health emergency, starting at all times from cross-border collaboration between the three regions that make up the AAAEuroregion  .

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Terms and conditions of the call for proposals

The main objective of this Accelerathon is to promote innovative initiatives based on cross-border collaboration between Spain and Portugal, specifically in the Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia Euroregion (EuroregionAAA), in order to solve challenges related to Covid-19 and climate change.

The target audience of the Accelerathon are entrepreneurs, research organisations, public and private entities, SMEs and start-ups, universities, etc. Groups already established with an initiative or individuals can register. The event organisers reserve the right to add individuals to established groups to enrich the exchange of ideas and the groups that register agree to allow those individuals to participate during the Accelerathon.

This Accelerathon focuses on global issues – Covid-19 and climate change – so the general public is the beneficiary. Both the private and public sector will also be present, with the participation of start-ups, universities, entrepreneurs, companies and public administrations. The focus is on the Alentejo-Algarve-Andalusia Euroregion, as the call promotes actions in this area.

The Accelerathon methodology will be used, an open innovation technique promoted by Finnova that consists of launching a challenge to capture new ideas through innovative proposals. To do this, the participants will receive the support of Finnova experts on the subject matter applied to the AAA Euroregion.

Thus, there will be Finnova’s public-private network and the support of Portuguese entities: the University of Évora; IrRADIARE; and the Intermunicipal Community of AMAL. In addition, it has the collaboration of the CILIFO Project, its beneficiaries and its Firefighting Open Innovation Lab – CILIFO.

Formed by a group of international experts who will value that the challenges posed are adapted to the requirements and conditions as well as the development of the challenge itself.


• Preparation of the program and delivery of materials.
• Landing page of the event and recruitment form.
• Dissemination of the call in databases of Spanish and European entrepreneurs and innovators as well as the media.
• Dissemination of the CHALLENGE on social networks by disseminating the coinciding United Nations SDGs.
• Participation in the jury of European experts.


• Online interactive elearning platform.
• Technical assistance during the duration.
• Active participation in mentoring groups with EU experts.
• Evaluation by the jury.


• The first finalist proposal will be mentored and advised by Finnova in the search for European financial opportunities of interest. • Proposals that are in second and third position will receive partial mentoring, being able to benefit from a financial aid information service provided by Finnova.

• The five best proposals will be disseminated – while respecting the protection of business secrets – on the Finnova website and social networks, and the Firefighting Open Innovation Lab-CILIFO to help disseminate them and increase the possibilities for entities interested in investing.

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Initiative co-funded by the ConsejerĂ­a de la Presidencia, AdministraciĂłn PĂşblica e Interior de la Junta de AndalucĂ­a, Servicio de AcciĂłn Exterior, in the framework of the promotion of cross-border cooperation in the Euroregion Alentejo-Algarve-AndalucĂ­a. [Order of 13 July 2020]

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